State of Emergency, Episode 1: Trapped in Recovery

Hurricane survivors say deciding to leave when a storm hits is easy compared to the aftermath – dealing with wind and flood damage, and psychological trauma that lasts for weeks, months, even lifetimes. This is episode one of News21’s four-part documentary series “State of Emergency.”

I directed and worked as the lead editor on this documentary.

Catalyst, Arizona PBS: Cancer in Elephants

I produced this segment on how researchers are looking for cancer solutions in elephant genes. You can watch here.

carlo elephant

Other video work:

Work I’ve done with can be found here.

Swing dancers find community at Fat Cat club

Every Tuesday, swing dancers head to Fat Cat to learn steps, meet new people and flaunt their dance moves.

Girl Scouts helps young women develop leadership and life skills

Girls begin Girl Scouts knowing they will earn badges and sell cookies, but the program helps girls develop skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

ASU student pursues television production dream

Hayley Brand is an ASU student who dreams of becoming a New York City television news producer.

Small Business Saturday draws “community-minded” customers

American Express and 850zip hosted Small Business Saturday at Portland Park in Phoenix.

Death in the Desert

This project examines the processes by which a migrant who has passed away in the Arizona desert is returned to their family members and the implications of cremation.

ASU volleyball team focuses on team dynamic for success

Arizona State University’s women’s volleyball team had a record breaking start to their season in 2015.

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